Federation Council urged to ban malicious offenders from access to carsharing

Alexander Bashkin, a member of the Federation Council Commission for the Protection of State Sovereignty, believes that car-sharing companies should not rent cars to drivers who have committed serious violations more than once – they were deprived of their rights to drink-driving, had problems with alcohol, drugs or systematic violation of traffic rules.

“One of the reasons for the increase in accidents in this sector, in my view, is that those who generally should not have the right to access car-sharing cars,” the parliamentarian told RIA Novosti.

The senator quoted Interior Ministry statistics indicating a more than 40% increase in the number of shared car accidents last year.

He notes that during the pandemic, the car-sharing sector was severely affected, despite state aid programs. Now companies are trying to increase sales in every possible way, and “quantity is always inversely proportional to quality.” It is necessary to pay attention not only to the solvency of the driver, but also to his background.

Currently, car-sharing companies do not have access to information about criminal offenses committed by customers, so they must have partial access to official information and databases of offenders.

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