How long does a foreign car last with Russian oil – the expert explained

Motor oils recommended by car manufacturers were suddenly in short supply. The cost of one liter of oil for refilling at retail is about two thousand rubles. All these oils are produced by foreign companies that have either suspended supplies to Russia and production in factories in the country, or left our market.

As a result, the question arises – which oils can be switched to without damage to the engine? Russian? Korean? Chinese?

Russia has always produced oils of different classes, including those that are suitable in all respects for the most modern engines. But motorists did not pay attention to it and focused on the recommended. Meanwhile, the basis for oils of the same class is the same, as are the additive packages purchased from the same companies.

Therefore, oil selection is a very simple process. You just need to know what grade of oil is recommended for your particular car’s engine and pick one on the counter that shows the same grade and viscosity. The brand of oil is of secondary importance.

For example, which oil is recommended for Hyundai Solaris with ACEA A3 classification and viscosity 5W-thirty. But this parameter does not only correspond to the recommended oil Shell (almost 13 thousand rubles for a 4-liter jerry can). In line Genesis Lukoil company you can find a similar oil, a 4-liter can of which will cost less than 4000 rubles. You can also opt for G-Energy oil from Gazpromneft, products from Rosneft, Tatneft or another Russian manufacturer. The main thing is that it is of the recommended grade and the desired viscosity. The engine will not notice the difference.

Mikhail Kolodochkin, expert of the magazine Za Rulem, the oldest and most authoritative automotive publication in Russia:

– Every motor oil specialist, even of the highest level, always utters an incendiary sentence in a confidential conversation. Suppose all branded oils of the same class – be it Shell, Castrol, Mobil, Total and others – are about the same. There are always differences in percentages, but they are so deeply hidden that not every specialist will understand. Therefore, in practice, one can always be replaced by another – nothing terrible will happen.

About the same military say – again, not to the press. If you urgently need to top up or top up oil on the road and there is no recommended oil anywhere, feel free to top it up. Just not a tractor from the last century, but the most modern you can find. And, just in case, do not try to turn the engine inside out after such a refueling – it would be more correct to calmly go to the dealer service and change the entire oil there.

You can learn more about the selection of oil for your car in Mikhail Kolodochkin’s original article “Which oil should I pour now? Expert opinions are official and “not for the press”.

Source: Z R


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