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How to force scooters to buy OSAGO? 5 problems and solution



Will scooters be forced to buy insurance?

They will not force you! And there are at least five obstacles in the legislation.

Problem #1

Electric scooters, and really all forms of individual mobility, must be identified for third-party liability insurance. That is, the scooter must have a state registration, which we are used to on cars and motorcycles.

And this means that a means of individual mobility must be recognized as a motor vehicle, included in the traffic regulations as a vehicle and there must be a special right to drive such a vehicle, e.g. category “E” rights

When category E rights appears, there will be schools for training scooters, exams and passing scooter rights with the traffic police. Then the Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation will have special penalties for those who drive fashionable gadgets. Further, the Ministry of the Interior will have special units – scooters, which will have to catch those who violate traffic rules on the same scooters.

Problem #2

The federal law on OSAGO explicitly states that owners of vehicles that are not subject to registration are exempt from compulsory civil liability insurance. That is, if you are not going to register electric scooters and unicycles, then liability insurance for owners is simply impossible.

Problem #3

There is one more important point before registering a scooter with the traffic police. It is called the “Technical Regulations of the Customs Union” – TR CU. And he must determine the technical requirements for personal mobility equipment, compliance with which, in fact, will be the “pass” of the scooter on the Russian market. To make changes to this international agreement (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia join), many agreements have to be made with other countries, which is difficult in a tense geopolitical situation.

Problem #4

And what to do with those scooters that people use for fun?

What to do with children’s scooters?

And what about riding scooters in parks? After all, if a scooter is a vehicle, then you can only drive there on special roads that do not exist, but everyone enjoys riding scooters in parks, many of them open scooter rental.

Problem #5

What to do with electric skateboards, motorcycle wheels and other wonderful devices? How to standardize and control them? Until now, no country in the world has been able to do this.

You may not be able to go any further. Everyone has already understood that the regulation of SIM is a long process that will take years. And to begin with, it is necessary to solve fundamental questions, the answers to which simply do not exist.

And how should it be?

My answer to this question is very simple. It is necessary to divide such electrical gadgets into two groups: personal, for walking purposes, and powerful, for transport purposes. If the electric scooter exceeds a certain power value (in the traffic rules it is now 250 W), then to operate such powerful devices, you must require the rights of category “M” – a moped. If the scooter or other electrical device has a low power, then the control of these devices should simply be abandoned.

The power threshold for electric scooters is a debatable topic. Perhaps the bar should be raised to 500W, but the fact itself is important here – regulation should only apply to powerful and fast devices that can accelerate to high speeds. The owners of the rest of the electrical gadgets should simply be left behind.

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