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Medical organizations pass on driver health data directly to the traffic police


Information about drivers with illnesses that make it impossible to drive a car is sent directly to the traffic police by medical organizations. Such a government law will soon go to the State Duma, Rossiyskaya Gazeta has learned.

This makes it possible to exchange information between medical institutions and the National Traffic Inspectorate, making it possible to quickly remove people who are not allowed to drive for health reasons.

Nowadays, non-professional drivers have to undergo a medical examination once every ten years – after the expiry of the driver’s license – and anything can happen during this period. Information about this is not received in time by the traffic police and motorists continue to drive.

Over the past five years, more than 105.4 thousand driving licenses have been revoked by sub-departments of the National Traffic Inspectorate, mostly as a result of chronic alcohol and drug addiction, based on court rulings on the termination of the right to drive.

But the traffic police will not know anything about the patient’s diagnosis, this is a medical secret. If someone has an illness that prevents him from driving a vehicle, the traffic police will simply receive such a notification. After that, the medical certificate will be revoked and the driver will be given two months to pass the medical examination and obtain a driver’s license, a non-entry permit or a limited license. If the driver ignores this, his driver’s license will also be suspended. Until the medical base is notified that the driver has been admitted to the management for medical reasons.

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