New technical regulations 2022: what has changed?

Government Decree No. 855, passed in May, legalized the production of cars according to simplified (actually old) standards. The list of differences between such cars and previously produced cars is quite long – Sergey Zinoviev analyzes them in detail in the new issue of “Behind the Wheel”.

Most of the changes are related to security. In fact, the new regulation brings us back to the standards of 15 years ago.

What exactly will change?

Major Security Changes in 2022

  1. Two crash tests fell from the list of mandatory tests – sideways and frontal with overlap. But all foreign models undergo crash tests during factory tests, so the lack of testing in our country is unlikely to affect the design. At least for now.
  2. ABS and the associated stability program (ESP) are no longer needed – you can set it, but you can’t set it. This certainly has consequences for the safety of the car.
  3. Simplified approaches to steering column safety, seat strength, use of head restraints, seat belts and airbags.
  4. Cars cannot be equipped with the ERA-GLONASS system – in fact, the previously valid license has been extended.

Airbags and ERA-GLONASS must be stated separately. Strictly speaking, pillows are not yet mandatory for us. For example, last year a pillow appeared on Niva Legend (a side pillow, because the design does not allow to put a front one), but it is only needed for the automatic operation of ERA-GLONASS.

Now, as we already know, this system also becomes optional. And even if it is installed, then without cushions, which they are unlikely to put on simplified cars, it will only have a manual mode, which the driver or passenger will have to use in case of an accident … But that’s not it case everyone!

You can read in the June issue of the magazine “Behind the wheel” what the cars will be made according to the new technical regulations. Available soon!

  • The first simplified car to go into production is the Lada Granta, which is set to take place as early as June.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

The note was prepared on the basis of the article “Simplification” by Sergei Zinoviev.

Source: Z R


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