What awaits the drivers from June 1, 2022: list of changes

1. Rights and insurance in a smartphone

The Russians are waiting for a pleasant surprise in the form of a modified version of the application “Gosuslugi Avto”. With its help, residents of our country can present a driver’s license and an OSAGO insurance policy in electronic format, that is, through a smartphone, to traffic police officers. Digital versions of documents are equivalent to paper ones, and inspectors have special electronic devices with access to the database to verify their authenticity.

2. Miscellaneous, worn, unsuitable tires

From the first day of summer, changes will take effect in the list of faults, in which the presence of the machine is prohibited. Particular attention is paid to rubber. So, for off-season use of rubber, a fine of 500 rubles is introduced. At the same time, the replacement period will differ depending on the climatic features of the region. The ban will also apply to the mounting of different tires on opposite axles of the car. Summer is at the front and winter at the back. The driver can also be held administratively liable for the poor condition of the rubber, if at least one of the sides has an excessively worn tread.

3. Passports for gas cylinders

Now, motorists traveling by car with gas balloon equipment (with propane-butane or methane) will be required to carry a cylinder passport. The number of passports must correspond to the number of installed cylinders. Even the traffic police check the serial numbers on the cylinders.

4. Belts without return coil

Finally, you can be fined for wearing seat belts. Belts without an automatic tensioner are prohibited. By the way, all new cars are equipped with exactly such devices. Although today there are cars in which other types of belts are installed. In this case, the owners of these vehicles must install belts with a return coil.

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