A Porsche car with a spelling error in its name was spotted in Italy 18:32

In Rome, drivers photographed the Porsche Macan S crossover with a typo; The letters in the brand name were mixed up. In this respect reports Bild edition.

There was a mistake in the automaker’s name on the trunk lid: Porshce instead of Porsche. Journalists contacted representatives of the German company, and representatives stated that they were not aware of a single case when the order of letters was changed in the production of machines or when installing a nameplate in a service workshop.

“In vehicle production, when servicing customers in authorized Porsche workshops, we use a standardized letter template and adhesive backing to ensure that the letters of the Porsche logo are always in the correct order and at the correct distance from each other,” a spokesman said. he said for the brand.

The note states that the letters on the nameplate may have been moved during the repair of the car. It is stated that in 2018, drivers in Melbourne, Australia noticed a Porsche Cayenne with a similar typo on the body. The local Porsche office later expressed surprise and assured that it was not a manufacturing defect.

The price of the Porsche Macan S crossover starts from 70 thousand euros. In the first half of 2023, sales of the Macan model amounted to 48.8 thousand units. (+26% compared to the same period last year).

Previously, a driver in Moscow almost burned his Mercedes while trying to build the car. impression ring.

Source: Gazeta


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