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Ministry of Industry and Trade told how to support auto parts manufacturers


Now it is time on the one hand for some uncertainty due to the rapidly changing situation and on the other hand for great opportunities and prospects for those who can orientate themselves quickly and will be able to set up a company in the right direction. This happens in the production and import of car parts.

A number of companies left the Russian market, causing related industries, including the automotive industry, to stop. Now it is extremely important to ensure the recovery and ensure the smooth functioning of our businesses. Don’t think the government is just looking at this tacitly. Certain steps are being taken, although not all (for obvious reasons) are widely published. Za Rulem (the oldest authoritative automotive publication in Russia) asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade what decisions are being made to supply the automotive industry as soon as possible with analogues of the spare parts that are no longer supplied to Russia due to sanctions.

The ministry replied that, depending on the time it takes to resume the release of specific models on the market as soon as possible, Russian car manufacturers, within the framework of individual plans, are using various options to overcome the current situation with the limitation of the supply of auto parts.

“We are talking about, among other things, the transition to Russian analogues, the implementation of new projects for import substitution or the nomenclature (which is impossible to master in the short term), as well as purchases in friendly countries.”

The Ministry of Industry and Trade assured that they provide support to Russian car manufacturers and parts suppliers in all directionsincluding the introduction of new support tools.

For example, in 2022, the department, together with the Industrial Development Fund, launched the Auto Components program, under which Russian manufacturers can receive preferential loans at a rate of 1% per annum for projects to create serial production of components and assemblies for wheeled vehicles and specialized equipment. In addition, if the company is able to carry out its proposed project, half of this loan will be written off to her.

The department is convinced that such decisions will provide additional impetus and “become a motivation for auto parts manufacturers to come and develop this area”.

  • Even the idea of ​​uniting electronic components for the automotive industry is being considered.
  • “Driving” can now be read in In contact with

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