There will be fewer traffic cameras in Russia

The Ministry of the Interior told Kommersant about the development of a new GOST with requirements for traffic cameras at the Scientific Center for Road Safety (NTs BDD). The current standard adopted in 2016 is only advisory and the new standard will be mandatory for all representatives of the industry.

It clearly describes 21 offenses that automatic complexes must establish so that the traffic police inspector can sign a penalty order based on them. Now everything is not so detailed.

Today, the decision should be supported by two photos: an overview of the vehicle and a close-up of the license plate. The new standard clarifies that the photo must have a high enough resolution to recognize the category of the vehicle and the “road infrastructure” (signs, markings, etc.).

If the camera captures the exit to the “highway”, passing under the “brick” or on the one-way road, then the sign whose driver has violated the requirements must also be visible in the photo. In case of violations at intersections, the camera must take at least four photos, which show that the car has run through the red light.

If the driver has not given way to a pedestrian, the approaching car and person on the zebra should be visible in one photo, and the car and pedestrian at the same time at the crosswalk in the second. There should also be a confirmatory video recording showing that the pedestrian was forced to change or stop the trajectory of movement.

The operation of the complexes should be synchronized with the signs of “variable information” – digital indicators or scoreboards. The message on such signs may change, for example in case of rain, fog, ice. The nearest camera should be automatically reconfigured in this case and when the restriction is removed, the previous setting should be restored. Also, the camera must recognize state registration signs that have been inverted 180 degrees.

The Association of Manufacturers and Operators of Photographic Recording Systems believes the project contains a “deliberately excessive need for photographic material.” Now most of the complexes are not ready for this, and if such a GOST is accepted, a significant part of the cameras should not be used.

Source: Z R


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