We started buying cars differently

More recently, the popularity of online car purchases has grown, which Za Rulem, the oldest and most popular car publication in Russia, has written about more than once. According to Romir’s research, the trend has now gone in the opposite direction: the popularity of buying cars online, both new and used, is declining.

Before the appearance of a shortage in the car market, during a pandemic, the selection and purchase of cars online not only allowed to choose a version for yourself at one of the nearest dealers, but also promised some discounts. With a limited number of cars in stock and no discounts, buyers prefer face-to-face visits to dealerships.

According to the study, 76% of people looking to buy a new car, as well as 83% of used car buyers, prefer to make a “close to the hood” decision. That’s at the dealer.

This trend was also noticed by the dealers surveyed by Romir: people visited dealers in person more often. At the same time, 30% of dealers admitted that the number of potential buyers has decreased. Another 36% believe that this has not changed.

We started buying cars differently

But buyers prefer to do some operations when buying a car remotely. These are, for example, price negotiations (46% of buyers do this), because this format allows people to think and weigh everything. Also, 42% of buyers prefer to apply for loans online.

“After the huge demand for online car purchases during the pandemic, we see that the hype has abated and buyers, as before, prefer dealers to get acquainted with the car. This does not mean that distance buying has lost its relevance, but the market is not yet ready for a full-fledged transformation due to several factors,” said Valery Khrapov, head of the Mystery Shopper practice at the M-Standard company. Surface.

The study only involved verified Russians aged 18 and over who lived in cities with a population of one million.

Source: Z R


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