AvtoVAZ decided to merge Lada Niva Legend and Niva Travel 15:25

AvtoVAZ is preparing the technical unification of Lada Niva Travel and Niva Legend SUVs by 2025. In this respect reports Telegram channel “Autopotok” with links to resources at the enterprise.

According to the channel, AvtoVAZ plans to make the chassis of the SUV identical, transferring the best developments to a single common design. For example, the classic VAZ-21214 (Niva Legend) is equipped with a modernized front suspension with double-row bearings, and Niva Travel has improved transfer case control (single lever).

Also in 2025, AvtoVAZ experts plan to introduce a 90-horsepower 1.6-liter eight-valve engine into the Niva family from front-wheel drive models; Changes are expected in the gearbox, transfer case and rear axle. According to insider information, AvtoVAZ has not yet confirmed the full list of changes. Another engine was initially expected to be installed on Lada Niva Sport, but the premiere of such an SUV was postponed for a year – until September 2024.

AvtoVAZ in August spent We test Lada Niva with a 90 hp engine. At a training ground near the village of Sosnovka near Samara. The eight-valve engine, modernized in 2021, is installed on the Largus, Vesta, Granta models.

Previously Volkswagen presented new generation Tiguan crossover.

Source: Gazeta


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