AVTOVAZ said goodbye to Renault models

In mid-May this year, Renault’s (68% stake) share in AVTOVAZ went under the control and management of the design institute FSUE NAMI with a buy-back option for the next six years. In addition, the company hasRenault Russia”, which produced the Duster, Kaptur and Arkana crosses, was transferred to the administration of the capital forever and renamed “Moskvich”.

Now it has become known that AvtoVAZ has completed the assembly of Renault cars at its site in Togliatti. We’re talking about the second-generation Logan and Sandero family. These models were produced together with the PAP B0 line: lada Largus and XRAY At the same time, the factory was preparing to launch the third generation Logan and Sandero on the platform CMFB

According to the community Avtograd News on the social network “VKontakte”, May 27, the last two copies Sandero after completion and defect testing, they were sent to the shipping store. There are no machines in the production areas and septic tanks Renault Some are still waiting to be shipped at the shipping location.

“The lines for the production of parts and components for the production of this model will be shut down indefinitely. Personnel from these lines will be offered a transfer to other industries and workplaces, possibly with a change of profession,” notes the community.

The resumption of production of Renault models at AvtoVAZ, even under the Lada brand, is vague. The assembly of Duster under the Lada brand also remains a high demand. If this happens, it will be in the long run.

AVTOVAZ said goodbye to Renault models

A picture: Valery Kartashov and AVTOVAZ

Source: Z R


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