A driver flew onto a pedestrian crossing in Moscow and attacked a girl with his fists 14:07

On Zavodskaya Street in Shcherbinka (part of Moscow), a driver almost hit pedestrians at the crossing and then hit a girl who was videotaping what happened. In this respect informs Telegram channel “Northern Butovo”.

After a driver nearly hit pedestrians at an intersection, one of the women waved her hand angrily at him. Thereupon, the man turned his car upside down on the pavement, jumped out of the car, and caused a scandal by shaking and insulting the woman.

The girl who was at the scene started recording the events with her phone camera and reported the situation to the driver. Thereupon, the attacker hit him in the face, breaking his nose, and then got into the car and drove away.

Previously St. A traveler in St. Petersburg output from a taxi on the move while driving.

Previously a dog for two hours in the Rostov region caught The bus carries the driver and passengers out of the cabin.

Source: Gazeta


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