In Kaliningrad, traffic cops forgot that the driver’s license was taken and gave a new one 18:17

A resident of Kaliningrad learned that he had been deprived of his license after he applied to the traffic police to replace the one he lost in 2011. In this respect informs Amber Mash Telegram channel.

According to him, Sergey Malyshev lost his driver’s license in 2022 and applied to the MFC for a new one. Kaliningrader’s license was denied and sent to the traffic police; here it turns out that he was stripped of his driver’s license in 2011 for refusing a medical examination.

At the same time, six years after the deprivation, Malyshev’s driver’s license was replaced with new ones due to the expiration of their validity. The man lost this document. Even after going to court it was not possible to get the driver’s license back. The recalculated disenfranchisement period will expire after six months.

It was previously known that there was a stranger through Telegram convinced A resident of Moscow will set the car on fire.

Source: Gazeta


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