The driver hit the “I’m at home” sign on the Saratov embankment and disappeared 18:44

In Saratov, a driver bumped into a piece of art that said “I’m at home” on the set. In this respect reported The Mayor of the city Lada Mokrousova on the Telegram channel.

“Law enforcement will have to find the perpetrators of the incident, who left the scene of the accident. The accident was caught on security camera,” wrote Mokrousova.

In the footage, it is seen that the car entered the pedestrian zone at high speed, throwing the letter “d” out of the bright composition and breaking the letter “i”. The wooden base of the composition is also damaged by the wheels of the car.

The mayor added that damaged parts of the artwork will be removed and then repaired.

Before that, it became known that there was an uncontrolled car on the Moscow Ring Road. passed crossed the road and crashed into a bump stop.

It was previously known that it is on the Moscow-Kazan highway will appear New signs to keep the distance.

Source: Gazeta


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