In Russia, the production of a truck SUV “Silant” began

The Cheboksary Plant of Power Units controls the production of trucks under the Silant brand in its own facilities. The model is primarily designed for off-road driving.

The first all-terrain vehicle Silant went to Kazakhstan to work in a quarry. Initially, the machine was built for a mining company. This example is completed with a loading platform with a container, as well as special watering equipment.

A Cummins engine or a Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ) unit is available for the new model. The payload of a four-wheel drive truck varies from 3 to 8 tons.

The all-terrain vehicle can be used as a community harvester, a multi-purpose vehicle for builders and road builders, a fire patrol complex, a crane drill, a commercial vehicle and more.

According to the ChZSA press service, there are no analogues of the Silant model in Russia. At the same time, the German Unimog and the Italian Bremach T-REX are several times more expensive than ours.

“Since last year, our factory has been focusing on the development and production of reliable self-driving vehicles that will successfully replace imported analogues in the market”– said Alexander Dmitriev, general manager of ChZSA LLC.

The unique Silant all-terrain vehicle has been tested in various climatic conditions. The main thing is that household components are used to the maximum in the model.

Source: Z R


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