Opinion from Europe: Without Russia, the German car industry will stop

BMW board member Milan Nedeljkovic brought the entire German car industry to a complete standstill. The top executive believes that the industry will face serious difficulties if there are interruptions or a complete shutdown of natural gas supplies from Russia.

Our industry accounts for about 37% of natural gas consumption in Germany. Not just BMW, but the entire industry is shutting down,” Nedeljkovic said in an interview with Reuters.

Munich, BMW assembly line

Munich, BMW assembly line

He specified that last year 54% of all energy consumed by the BMW carmaker fell on blue fuel and that the company is now looking for ways to reduce the consumption of Russian gas. In particular, the options for transporting hydrogen and installing solar panels are being examined.

At the same time, the German Economy Minister, Robert Habeck, believes that Germany’s dependence on Russian gas will not last long. He believes that with significant savings, the country will be able to survive the coming winter without fuel supplies from Russia. But for now, Germany, like other European countries, is experiencing a serious rise in energy prices and a crisis in the car industry.

  • Prices at gas stations are thus breaking records and new car sales have fallen by more than 20%.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

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