Hyundai plans the Sonata. to leave

According to the South Korean edition of Chosun, Hyundai decided to discontinue production of the popular sedan. Citing a company insider, the publication reports that the automaker has not begun development of the next-generation Sonata, and it’s no secret that the car will be discontinued.

But next year the model is waiting for an update, which will allow it to remain competitive for several more years. As a result, it will be taken out of production anyway.

It’s all about the popularity of crossovers and the fact that Hyundai today focused on the creation of electric vehicles.

Hyundai has already said that the Ioniq 6 electric car will be about the same size as the Sonata, meaning it could replace it. It is not possible to release an electric version of the Sonata. First, it becomes a car on a completely different platform, which makes development expensive, and second, it becomes a direct competitor to Ioniq 6.

A picture: Hyundai

Source: Z R


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