KAMAZ sells its racing trucks

The factory racing team “KAMAZ master” is looking for ways to replenish the budget, and one of these options was the sale of racing trucks. We are talking about the technology of recent years as well as new machines. The fact is that foreign sponsors left the team, which largely made up the team’s budget. That part of the funds that PJSC KAMAZ makes available will certainly not be enough for the racing season.

Due to the departure of foreign partners, we are working in austerity mode and are actively looking for alternative sources of budget replenishment. We’ve been getting requests to sell this or that car for a long time, but now, you might say, life forced us. I see nothing wrong with someone acquiring the beloved sports KAMAZ in their collection, and the team will receive additional money to continue their activities,” Match TV, the head of KAMAZ master, Vladimir Chagin, quotes the words .

Now only the logos of partners from Russia remain on the trucks

Now only the logos of partners from Russia remain on the trucks

Judging by the team’s official website, in March the Red Bull (energy drinks, Austria), Varta (batteries, Germany) and Goodyear (tyres, US) logos disappeared from the sides of sports cars. To make up for the financial losses associated with this, three trucks are being prepared for sale – KAMAZ-4911 of 2004 (8.2 million rubles), KAMAZ-4326 of 2007 (10.4 million rubles) and the new KAMAZ-43509 , put up for 60 million rubles, Sportbox writes. It should be noted that KAMAZ-43509 is one of the four cars with which the team won the last Dakar rally raid.

In 2022, at the most prestigious marathon in the world, the Russian team took four first places with four cars. This victory in Dakar was already the 19th for KAMAZ master. But after the events in February, the continued participation of domestic cars in international competitions is under discussion. At the moment, the team participates in the Archeda Baja in the Volgograd region. Recall that last year the organizers did not admit the MAZ factory team to the race.

  • As a manufacturer, KAMAZ is trying to adapt to the new reality – in particular it has managed to localize the production of frames for new trucks of the K5 family.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

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