The car pumped for a penny: a chip of the reader “Behind the wheel”

I bought a collapsible rubber funnel, put it in my Duster under the hood, near the right pillar. Indispensable when topping up windshield washer fluid!

It does not rattle and does not get lost in motion.

B. Gorelov, Obninsky

By the way, Skoda engineers developed a special lid for the washer fluid reservoir, which makes the driver’s life easier: open the lid and you have a handy funnel in your hands.

The prize for the author of the opinion is a set of SYNTHETIUM automotive cosmetics.

Dear car experts! When sending advice, do not forget to state your postal address with six-digit zip code, last name, first name and patronymic (in full), as well as a telephone number for communication. This will greatly simplify and speed up the sending of well-deserved prizes.

You can send your advice by e-mail. [email protected] If possible, illustrate your own know-how with photos and/or diagrams.

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Photo: B. Gorelov

Source: Z R


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