GAZ releases a new passenger car

Until now, in the arsenal of the GAZ Group there were diesel engines from the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, which are installed, for example, on the GAZon medium-duty truck Next oneheavy truck Urals Next one and bus Vector Next one

Rumors have been circulating for years that Russia is working on a turbo diesel for light commercial vehicles (LCV). So far, the GAZelle family has succeeded with gasoline UMP Evotech (2.7 l, 120 hp), diesel Cummins (2.8 l, 150 hp) and Volkswagen (2.0 l, 136 hp).

Now the press office of the GAZ Group announced the launch of a new foundry as part of the localization project for a “light” diesel engine, “which has not yet been produced in Russia.” We may be talking about the localization of the aforementioned 2.8 liter Cummins ISF unit. After all, the company will have to abandon the purchase of Cummins due to anti-Russian sanctions. But most likely, the Nizhny Novgorod (NLZ) foundry will produce blocks for cast iron gasoline UMP Evotech 3.0. This engine was introduced in 2018. In any case, we can expect the appearance of GAZelle’s light trucks soon Next one and GAZelle NN with its own turbo diesel.

On the territory of the Gorky Automobile Plant, NLZ products have already been put in series. This iron foundry for engines is the most modern in Russia. By the way, GAZ Group’s investment in production amounts to 4.7 billion rubles.

NLZ supplies products to GAZ itself, but also to YaMZ and UMP. The full-cycle enterprise can meet the needs of domestic engineering and other industries in high-quality castings.

NLZ mastered the production of engine blocks and cylinder heads. The company also specializes in the production of castings for flywheels, crankcases, ventilated brake and clutch discs, gearbox housings and transfer cases, brake system components.


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