Mercedes-Benz cannot part with KAMAZ

Daimler Truck AG, a developer and manufacturer of trucks with a three-pointed star on the grill, has not yet decided on further cooperation with KAMAZ. Recall that the German manufacturer supplies the Russian company with engines and axles for Chelny trucks of the K4 generation, and also participates in the production of cabins for the K5 generation.

At the beginning of March, Daimler Truck and Mercedes-Benz stopped their activities in Russia. Daimler Truck has terminated its cooperation with KAMAZ, information has emerged about the sale of a 15% interest in KAMAZ, owned by Daimler Truck. On March 24, however, it turned out at a press conference by the head of the German company, Martin Daum, that this was not possible.

“Of course we are not in negotiations with the Russian authorities… We cannot withdraw from the capital of KAMAZ, because it requires the approval of the government,” Martin Daum is quoted as saying by Reuters.

As the newspaper notes, it was the Ukrainian crisis that made it impossible to move this 15% of the shares. The fact is that in September 2021 the ‘passenger’ Daimler AG, later renamed Mercedes-Benz AG, bought KAMAZ shares from Daimler Truck and would transfer them again in early 2022, when the German truck manufacturer left the group.

KAMAZ plans to fully import production K5 trucks and replace them with licensed cab from Mercedes-Benz Actros 2012

KAMAZ plans to fully import production K5 trucks and replace them with licensed cab from Mercedes-Benz Actros 2012

But to complete the transaction, approval is required from the Government of the Russian Federation and the main shareholder of KAMAZ, the state-owned company Rostec (47.1% of the shares). Negotiations are not underway, there is no authorization, which prevents Daimler Truck from saving its share (and thus selling it) … Daimler Truck emphasizes that it is still premature to draw any conclusions about the prospects for cooperation with KAMAZ.

  • It should be noted that both German companies, Daimler AG for passengers and Daimler Truck AG for trucks, have stopped the sale of their cars in the Russian Federation, and that passenger cars produce Mercedes-Benz cars at a plant in Esipovo, Moscow region. , have discontinued.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

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