Mentioned models that AVTOVAZ does not release due to the departure of Renault

Despite the cessation of activities in Russia, the Renault group reaffirmed its determination to implement Renaulution’s strategic plan. However, until recently, officially (and formally to this day), AVTOVAZ was an essential part of this plan, initiated by the Renault Group, last year it entered into a single corporate structure with the Romanian brand Dacia.

According to this plan, 4 models based on the Renault CMF-B platform should be launched under the Lada brand by 2025.

Granta’s successor

“Behind the wheel”, the oldest and one of the most popular automotive publications in Russia, recalls what kind of models they are. The first of these would be the successor to Granta – a class B model, which would be a cheap, updated VAZ, which would be produced for some time in parallel with the existing Granta, but would be half a step higher in terms of equipment and equipment. prestige. Recently, already during the Ukrainian crisis, the first prototype was shown to the chairman of AVTOVAZ, Nicolas Maur. The model was expected in the series in 2023.

Mentioned models that AVTOVAZ does not release due to the departure of RenaultPresentation of the new model, March 10, 2022

Presentation of the new model, March 10, 2022

Lada Vesta 2023

The second model, scheduled for release in 2023, is also classified as a B-class, but this is a larger new-generation Vesta. And if there is already specific information about the first model (in particular, according to independent sources, production was prepared in January-February 2022), then on Vesta they are fragmentary. We can only say with certainty that both new models (like the rest of the new Lada) were supposed to be built on the CMF-B architecture, but neither of them was conceived as a copy of the new Renault Sandero, the design is made independent. Also, the power units remained pure VAZ.

Lada Niva New Generation

The new generation of the Niva SUV is expected to be launched in 2024, according to Renaulution. By then, Dacia should already have the Bigster crossover ready (scheduled for 2022), with which the new Niva will have a lot in common. However, the off-road arsenal will be more serious and its implementation in the CMF-B platform should have become the responsibility of the AVTOVAZ engineers. In addition, if the Bigster is a five-door crossover, then the more off-road Niva should have acquired a three-door design, thereby establishing historical parallels with the VAZ-2121.

Mentioned models that AVTOVAZ does not release due to the departure of RenaultOfficial teaser of the new generation Lada Niva

Official teaser of the new generation Lada Niva

Lada C SUV

But a five-door SUV, actually an analogue of the Dacia Bigster, was also planned in the Lada line. The model would be the largest in the updated lineup. At the presentation of the Renaulution plan, it was referred to as “piercing the C-class glass ceiling”. Presumably, this car was designed as an elongated, “spread apart” new Niva along the wheelbase (and there is a reference to its history – VAZ-2131), with a more urban character and a greater preference for comfort and prestige.

Mentioned models that AVTOVAZ does not release due to the departure of RenaultDacia Bigster Concept

Dacia Bigster Concept

If Renault Group refuses further cooperation with AVTOVAZ, plans for all these models will have to be shelved. In addition, some models of the current line are also under threat. Questions are raised about the further production of Lada cars on the Renault B0 platform – these are Largus and especially XRAY, for which it is extremely difficult to carry out full import replacement.

  • According to forecasts, AVTOVAZ will be able to launch the production of simplified Granta, Niva Legend and Niva Travel (with Vesta, the issue is also more complex and separate); a rollback to Euro-2 engines is also likely.
  • “Drive” can be seen on YouTube.

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