Another car for the Martians

Every year we are getting closer and closer to commercial spaceflight. As technology continues to advance, Mars is also getting closer, the possibility of founding a colony that is being considered quite seriously.

For example, Astrolab is developing lunar and Mars bases, as well as a special vehicle for settlers – FLEX.

This car is arguably the most versatile of all space vehicles. It is suitable for both the transport of people and the transport of goods. It also comes in handy during construction – as a loader or tractor.

Astrolab claims that FLEX can carry one ton – 1000 kg. At the same time, the chassis can rise and fall, allowing you to drive over rough terrain (and what’s it like on the Moon and Mars?) and ease loading and unloading.

The car is also equipped with airless tires specially designed for space and other planets.

  • Elon Musk’s SpaceX also explores space and uses (not without characteristic humor) wheeled vehicles.
  • “Driving” can also be read on Viber.

Photo, video: Youtube

Source: Z R


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