Transport left unattended

About 30 million telematics devices are registered in Russia. And yesterday, half of this market was taken by Gurtam. Now it ceases its activities in our country.

That is, half of the trucks and buses of thousands of companies were without control and monitoring systems. For example, the Platon system is linked to this, making it impossible to transport goods on cars with a dead telematics module that should follow the route and speed. We are talking about 1.6 million vehicles from 700,000 freight forwarders. Also, children cannot be transported without a telematics module.

Companies only have two months to switch to another operator. That is, after 60 days, the service stops and the cars have to be sent to the parking lot.

During the transition, it is important for freight forwarders to keep not only travel statistics, but also telematics equipment (tachographs) – it is not profitable to buy a new one, because they have already increased in price by one and a half times.

All of this can affect transportation costs.

Source: Z R


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