British JCB excavators are “cloned” in Russia

On May 25, Crocus-Expo in Moscow will host the presentation of a new Russian special equipment brand, AGB Construction Machinery. This was reported to by AGB, the new project of Almazgeobur, a manufacturer of equipment and spare parts for the Russian mining industry. The holding has been supplying drilling equipment since 2013, including Polymetal and Norilsk Nickel.

“AGB İş Makinaları is a Russian company specializing in the production, maintenance, service and spare parts supply of road construction equipment. On August 2, 2022, AGB Construction Machinery begins testing and licensing the AGB 3CR multifunction backhoe loader.

The annual capacity of the enterprise is designed for 750 pieces of equipment”,

– The official representative of the AGB told the correspondent “”.

The AGB 3CR backhoe loader is designed for earthmoving work to load and transport various goods. In addition, it can perform forklift functions in construction sites, warehouse areas and industrial areas. As supplied in the AGB, the production and material and technical basis of this particular brand of equipment is located in Russia, and “most of the components are already localized.”

The company also announced the existence of its own laboratory for import substitution engineering. Also about working with designers and engineers of Moscow State Technical University. Bauman and MADI.

british likeness

The Russian backhoe loader is optionally equipped with three engine options. The equally sized front and rear wheels of both axles can be steered. The machine can simultaneously turn the front and rear wheels in different directions for a so-called crab run. The grapple bucket with a usage volume of 1 m³ has six functions.

According to these and other technical characteristics, and in design, the new Russian AGB 3CR backhoe loader almost completely copies similar 3CX / 4CX ECO models from the British brand JCB. AGB does not directly mention any relationship between these tractors, but indirectly confirms this fact, pointing to the same range of spare parts for Russian and imported machines.

“The interchangeability of spare parts for AGB 3CR backhoe loaders with spare parts of an imported analogue is 90%”,

– Explain in the Russian company.

Representatives of JCB could not immediately answer’s questions about their working situation in Russia, they said on the phone line of the Russian office of JCB, that the company continues to work in the Russian market, the addressees of the publication could not. answer other questions. Previously, Britain had banned the supply of goods to Russia, including high-tech exports, which included engineering products.

Sergey Burgazliev, an independent consultant in the automotive industry, believes that deliveries of special equipment to Russia can be arranged according to a contracted special production schedule.

“If the AGB seriously plans to supply JCB equipment to Russia, a company can be established for these purposes in a third country, for example, in Turkey,

He will order unmarked equipment from JCB and then deliver it to Russia under his own brand. In fact, this is the placement of contract manufacturing, ”Burgazliev explains to

The source added that the Russian company will be able to sell such equipment in our country under its own brand, but at the same time it will have to take over the warranty support and service. It is also possible to certify that it was produced in Russia in case of any changes to the design, but reminds us that the company must obtain approval from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to acknowledge that the products were manufactured in Russia. .

“For JCB, Russia is a good market, but not a key one.

This company has a more significant presence in India, China and Southeast Asian countries,” Burgazliev summarized.

The delivery of foreign special equipment to Russia and its sale under a local brand is possible only with the goodwill of a foreign manufacturer, Denis Smolyanov, deputy editor-in-chief of the Autonews portal, is sure.

“If the parent company makes a fundamental decision to stay in Russia, it will be possible to simply rename the brand and thereby maintain its presence in the market. But if there is an exit decision, such plans are impossible, ”Smolyanov explained to

As learned, a new brand of special equipment, AGB Construction Machinery, will be launched in Russia in May. The first innovation of the domestic company – the 3CR backhoe loader – exactly repeats the similar British tractor JCB 3CX ECO. Experts say that assembling equipment from foreign parts is perfectly legal, but will require additional work.

Source: Gazeta


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