AvtoVAZ switches to 4-day work schedule

The Volga Automobile Plant has officially announced the transition to a four-day work week. The company’s press office has released a statement saying that the four-day period will begin on June 6, 2022 and will last for 3 months. It is also noted that this regime applies to 100% of AVTOVAZ employees at both industrial sites – in Tolyatti and Izhevsk.

Reasons for switching to a shortened schedule are the prognosis for the car market and the ongoing shortage of electronics. The company notes that all measures are being taken to normalize the situation – in particular, from July-August to April, the company holiday for employees of the main industries was postponed. As planned, the April break should allow to build up a stock of components for further stable operation.

To maintain income, workers will be offered to participate in temporary and public works, including on the territory of the AVTOVAZ Industrial Park, located in Togliatti and part of the car giant. The fifth working day of the week is paid from the federal budget, the funds have already been allocated, the factory’s press service reported. According to some information, for 5 working days per month (40 hours), the state will pay each employee of AVTOVAZ about 12 thousand rubles.

According to a widespread press release, AvtoVAZ is working to replace some of the “critical imported components” of Lada cars with alternative solutions. In development are “special versions of some Lada models”, the assembly of which is less dependent on foreign components. The factory says such versions will be available to customers in the coming months.

  • It is believed that simplified versions of VAZ models will not have ABS (although the manufacturer denied this), and only air conditioning will remain the comfort features.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

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