In Russia, they participated in the replenishment of the traffic police fleet on the background of sanctions

Police officers began to look for opportunities to upgrade the fleet of traffic police patrol cars. This has been reported “Kommersan”.

Prior to that, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) bought Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Solaris, UAZ Patriot and Lada Granta for regional divisions. But some Western automakers have decided to leave Russia.

This year, the department needs to purchase more than 2.8 thousand cars.

As explained in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, “The issue of providing equipment to the Ministry of Interior is being worked on, taking into account the current sanctions risks, logistical problems and a number of other difficulties.”

According to the publication, experts point to the Chinese auto industry and AvtoVAZ among possible suppliers.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized that the problems were resolved with the leading patrol vehicle manufacturers.

Denis Manturov, former head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade declarationThat the Russian Federation may have to say goodbye to foreign automakers.

Source: Gazeta


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