Anyone can Moskvich. to buy

Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin, at a meeting with journalists, said that cars of the Moskvich series will be affordable.

“The fact that it will be available, I’m sure it will be. This is the model that is not intended for some luxury classes, for example. It will be an affordable car,” RIA Novosti is quoted as saying by the official.

Recall that, leaving Russia, the company Renault sold its factory in Moscow to the government of the capital and a controlling interest in AVTOVAZ – FSUE “NAMI”. The amount of the transaction has not been disclosed, but there are rumors that it is symbolic – one ruble each. The deal includes the buyback of the factory and its shares in six years.

Moskvich-2140, drawing by an independent designer

Moskvich-2140, drawing by an independent designer

It is at the factory bought by Moscow City Hall that it is planned to assemble cars under the revived Moskvich brand. Negotiations on the production of cars with Chinese companies are underway, and in the future, domestic electric vehicles co-created with KAMAZ should be put on the assembly line.

Anyone can Moskvich.  to buySalon Moskvich-2140, drawing by an independent designer

Salon Moskvich-2140, drawing by an independent designer

“I am sure that what the mayor of Moscow proposed is very important at the moment, because the whole infrastructure has been built, there is all the equipment, there are people working. So I think they will be able to move to import substitution and produce a car,” Levitin said.

Renault CEO Luca de Meo, who commented on the company’s departure from Russia and the sale of assets, emphasized that this is a responsible decision regarding 45,000 employees, which will allow it to return to the country in the future. turn.

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