Called the price of the cross-coupe Genesis

While in Russia Genesis GV60 is not for sale. It will be released later, but it has already become clear how much the cross coupe will cost, as the prices in the US market, where you can currently buy it, and in Russia are roughly comparable.

The simplest GV60 costs $ 59,980 (3.8 million rubles). This is a car in the Advanced version with two electric motors – one for each axle. The front has 101 horsepower and the rear has 218 horsepower. The total power was 318 hp, the battery with a capacity of 77.4 kWh offers a power reserve of up to 400 kilometers.

In the Performance version for $ 68,980 (4.4 million rubles), the cross coupe received two engines of 218 horsepower each. each – a total of 435 hp (and in Boost mode – 490 hp). The power reserve is 378 km.

Called the price of the cross-coupe Genesis

Called the price of the cross-coupe Genesis

In addition, this version has electronically controlled suspension, an electronic differential lock, heated rear seats, 21-inch alloy wheels, nappa leather seats, microfiber suede headliner and styles, and a Genesis Digital Key 2 that can be accessed via iMessage on iPhone, for example.

A picture: Genesis

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