Import substitution in the garbage truck segment reaches record high

The share of domestically produced garbage trucks in the field of NPO management has reached 75%. Domestic auto giants KAMAZ and GAZ, as well as MAZ, are leading the way, the Russian Environmental Operator (REO) press service reported.

Transportation is an important part of the MSW management industry.

The challenge for the industry is to ensure the traceability of waste from container to sorting and recycling.

That is why in the new economic conditions it is so important to increase import substitution in the field of waste transport, says Denis Butsaev, general manager of the Russian ecological operator.

According to him, a total of 22,773 vehicles are involved in the maintenance of the country, including 15,451 garbage trucks. The most popular brands account for 14,897 vehicles, of which KAMAZ – 8410 (35.7%), MAZ – 4021 (17.8%) and GAZ – 2466 (10.9%).

The top ten also includes:

  • Scania-1269
  • MAN-999
  • ZIL — 878
  • Isuzu-558
  • Volvo-273
  • Mercedes-Benz-237
  • Mitsubishi 203.

The head of REO recalled that all garbage trucks must be equipped with GLONASS sensors and must pass weight control at the entrance to landfills and sorting facilities.

It is necessary to get rid of unscrupulous players who dump garbage in landfills and do not take it to the sorting. To track the movement of waste, the industry is digitizing and garbage trucks will soon start sending data from their sensors to an electronic waste accounting system. This allows you to fully monitor the movement of municipal waste from the place of accumulation to the place of processing.

Source: Z R


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