87% of buyers are ready to buy a car in another city

Only 14% of car owners plan to buy their next car this year, Autoteka experts found.

43% of respondents consider buying a new car in the future, 45% – with mileage, and 13% found it difficult to answer this question. Of those looking to buy a used car to replace their current car, 17% of respondents preferred an option under 3 years; 13% consider a car between 3 and 5 years old, 11% between 5 and 10 years old.

To another city for a worthy copy

The vast majority of drivers (87%) are willing to go to another city for the right car. Moreover, almost as many Russians (44%) are willing to buy a car in the nearest city (no more than 100 km) as 42% are willing to go to a distant city (more than 100 km).

With age, there are fewer such mobile citizens – for example, 19% of people aged 45-54 will not go to another city to pick up a car, 27% of car owners aged 55-64 will not go, and among people 65 and older – 37%.

Which used car should never be bought?

The fact that the car has been pledged or stolen will force 44% of Russians planning to buy a used car to refuse to buy. 36% of respondents believe that under no circumstances should you buy a car after an accident. 26% will refuse to buy if the car has technical defects (problems with the electrics, engine, etc.), another 25% will not buy if it appears that the car has been used in a taxi or carpooling.

Only 17% said they would refuse to buy a car with twisted mileage, the rest don’t see this as a big problem.

72% of the respondents consider buying a report about checking the history of the car for VIN or registration number when buying a used car.

More than 6,000 car owners took part in the survey.

Source: Z R


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