80% of drivers provided technical assistance on the road – study

According to a survey conducted by SberAvto and the media holding company Rambler&Co, the vast majority (82%) of Russian motorists have assisted other drivers at least once.

63% of respondents try to do this at the same time every time they ask or when they see a difficult situation. Time permitting, almost a third (29%) of the respondents involved help. 16% of the drivers themselves regularly receive help from other road users, 19% – sometimes 40% – in isolated situations and only 25% answered that no one had helped them.

22% say they need roadside assistance energy guzzling, but they still can’t drive past. 1% of respondents are already members of voluntary organizations or “clubs” for mutual assistance on the road.

Types of assistance

Most often, Russians help to pull a car out of the snow or mud (16%). 15% each scored options with “lighting up” the battery and starting the car’s engine “from the pusher”, and 11% – with signaling with gestures or headlights that warn of a malfunction of someone else’s car.

Towing a broken down car to the gas station was noted by 10%. 4% each helped dig cars out of the snow, urgently change tires, shared a first aid kit or fire extinguisher. They brought gasoline, called a tow truck or emergency services at 3%.


52% admitted they didn’t expect any gratitude, 29% would like to hear a simple “thank you,” and 1% are willing to receive fair compensation for the time and effort put into it.

Who is being helped?

In 61% of the cases, drivers do not have a specific preference for whom to help. respectively 15% and 13% of the respondents will pay attention to a family with children or an elderly driver, 7% will certainly help a newcomer to drive and 4% will show solidarity with the owner of a car of the same brand.

About 3,000 Russian drivers took part in the investigation.

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