MP called for lower fuel prices for Russians

Under the sanctions, the government has the opportunity to take measures to significantly reduce the cost of gasoline and other petroleum products, said Sergei Mironov, head of the State Duma faction “Fair Russia – For Truth”.

According to Rosstat, the average sales price of petrol in Russia fell by 0.2% in April compared to March, the decline is ongoing for the second month in a row. However, according to the parliamentarian, a more radical reduction in the cost of petroleum products is needed.

Mironov noted that as a result of sanctions, exports of hydrocarbons have fallen sharply, fuel is accumulating in storage facilities, more and more of it is being sold on the domestic market and wholesale prices are falling.

“But especially independent gas stations are responding to this, where petrol is becoming cheaper, while large companies hardly change their price tag. Obviously the rest of the players look up to them and wait. As long as the picture remains the same, fuel costs will change “a teaspoon per hour,” the politician explained.

The commissioner believes that the government could influence pricing policy and at least double the share of the compulsory sale of petroleum products on the stock exchange. With a surplus of goods in free trade, it becomes cheaper. But this, of course, does not suit the oligarchs. Artificial curtailment of stock market turnover allows large companies to dictate terms to the market and preserve unexpected profits.

If this monopoly is lifted, a liter of AI-92 can cost 35 rubles or less, and other oil products at the same level can become cheaper.

Source: Z R


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