The latest Russian engine is presented – 60,000 horsepower.

The PD-8 aircraft engine will soon be installed on the SSJ-100 and Be-200 aircraft. That is, it will replace the Franco-Russian SaM-146 engine. Bench testing of the unit has been completed and series production should begin shortly.

It took three years to develop the engine. This is an 8-ton thrust unit (1 ton is equivalent to about 7500 horsepower here) – a new generation of bypass turbofan engine. And is more economical than its predecessor, cheaper to use and meets all environmental standards. But the main thing is that it is completely made in Russia – there is not a single foreign detail in it.

“The production of gas turbine engine blades, which are needed for both the new PD-8 and the ground power plants, is already well underway here. The designs produced here meet the best world standards. The enterprise masters complex technological processes of single-crystal casting – innovative production is aimed at the annual production of more than 600 thousand cast billets of turbine blades – not only for Russian, but also for foreign units. The foundry was established in Rybinsk as part of the implementation of the Federal Program of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. The factory has household equipment from PJSC Elektromekhanika,” said the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The first test flight on PD-8 engines should take place in early 2023. Next, development will begin on an extra-high thrust engine, the PD-35, which will be installed on wide-body aircraft, such as the Il-96-400.

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