Drivers have found a way to protect themselves from vandals

As a result, there was a demand for a special airframe – parking. During the first 10 days of May, demand for them increased by 37%. Most often, this insurance is used by car owners. BMW MercedesBenz land- robber and Audi

According to experts from life insurance service Simble, who conducted the survey, demand for policies that operated in “Parking” mode was only 12% in March. In April, it rose to 18% and in the 10 days of May, demand for Casco parking policies increased by 37% to 24.7%, a quarter of policies issued.

“The main reason to take care of your cars is the unfavorable statistics of car thefts. Most often, spare parts are removed from premium brands – BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Headlights are stolen from Volkswagen, Land Rover, Porsche and Audi, and mirrors are stolen from Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other “Germans”: this is explained by the ease of disassembly and the high cost of spare parts,” says Vasily Kaluzhin, commercial director of the Simble service.

Most often, policies that are valid while parking are issued by motorists in Moscow. Ekaterinburg is in second place and St. Petersburg closes the top three. The Ministry of the Interior predicts a further increase in the number of car thefts, which will occur due to an increase in the shortage of spare parts. This will also drive up the cost of comprehensive insurance as the risks increase.

Source: Z R


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