Large sedan at a reasonable price – the choice for “Behind the wheel”

In terms of size, the Hyundai i40 sits between the fifth generation Elantra and the ‘seventh’ Sonata, and closer to the Sonata.

Developed in Germany for the European market.

Since 2013, they have been assembled in Kaliningrad – a sedan and a station wagon (one sixth of cars on the secondary market). The aggregate base is common on many Hyundai/Kia models.

In the summer of 2015 the restyling came to us: we refreshed the design and electronics, added a diesel engine in combination with a robotized gearbox.

Hyundai i40

Hyundai i40


  • Generous equipment for a reasonable price.
  • Spacious interior, high security level.

Large sedan at a reasonable price - the choice for The trunk is sufficient: 525 liters is indicated for the sedan and 553 liters for the station wagon (photo). The problem may arise during unloading – it is difficult to reach the depth.

The trunk is sufficient: 525 liters is indicated for the sedan and 553 liters for the station wagon (photo). The problem may arise during unloading – it is difficult to reach the depth.


  • Weak paintwork: bumpers, trunk lid and restyled grille come off.
  • European ground clearance 147 mm.


Gasoline aspirated 1.6 (135 hp) and 2.0 (150 hp) – noisy, leaky, but thoroughly studied and considered trouble-free. The resource with proper maintenance is more than 250-300 thousand km. Attacks in the cylinders are in most cases the result of high loads on cold engines or attempts to conserve oil. With an increase in oil consumption, it is recommended to flush the entire oil system – this will help.

There are no cars with 1.6 and this engine is only combined with manual transmissions.

Turbo diesel 1.7 (141 hp) is distinguished by a very delicate fuel equipment, which is the norm at the moment. But even with perfect care, it quickly accumulates soot. We have a rare engine, but on the secondary market there are diesel i40s with a range of 200,000 km. However, few people want to work with a diesel engine, as it only works with a robot box whose reliability is far from ideal.


Mechanics are only bothered by tight shifting when cold. Sometimes the cause was a malfunction of the clutch unit.

The hydraulic machine is reliable and resistant. Shocks and shocks when shifting can start with 100 thousand km, but they are usually treated by changing the oil, and even with shocks, the machine often lasts up to 200 thousand km.

A robot with two “dry” clutches is structurally close to the German DSG and suffers from the same condition: clutches often require repair in the range of 50-100 thousand km.

operational ulcers

  • The chassis is ground for the European “parquet”, and therefore rather weak. On our ordinary roads, after 50 thousand km, there is a risk of damage to the wheel bearings and front shock absorbers. During the restyling, the design of the hub was changed – the replacement of the bearing became possible only as an assembly. Ball bearings are pressed into the lever, their service life is about 100 thousand km.
  • Tapping in the controls is a systemic disease. Lubricating, replacing plastic bushings or the entire rail helps for a while.
  • Of the electronics, the most vulnerable link is the rear view camera. The tightness of the whole is quickly broken, the contacts become acidic from dirt and moisture. On cars of the first production years, the daytime running lights often went out, leading to complex and expensive repairs. The air conditioner occasionally hums – sometimes the evaporator freezes, sometimes the compressor cuts out.
  • The ground clearance of many cars has been increased by installing spacers or using non-standard tires, although both are prohibited.

Station wagons on the secondary are more expensive than sedans by 100-300 thousand rubles.

Euro NCAP 2011: five stars. Driver/passenger 92%, child 86%, pedestrian 43%, restraint systems 86%.

The largest offer on the secondary: i40 2.0 automatic transmission

Optimal choice: i40 2.0 automatic transmission

For the same money: Kia Cerato, Nissan Teana, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Jetta

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