Expert: 4 possible models at the Moskvich factory (former Renault)

Maxim Kadakov (editor-in-chief of the oldest popular car publication Za Rulem) shared his assumptions about cars that could be produced at the Moskvich plant, which recently belonged to Renault, where cars of the French brand were produced.

In total, our expert counted four possible event development scenarios, although he also admits another, “secret” option.

Expert opinion

Maxim Kadakovyeditor-in-chief of the magazine “Behind the wheel”:

– Hypothetically, one option is more fantastic than the other. First option from the category kitchen-garage conversations. Now if we revive the Moskvich! Are you talking about the 41st? But there are no shut down lines, no technological equipment, nothing. And making new rigs for an old model is like making a new one. Very expensive and illogical. Who needs a Muscovite with forty-year-old technology? There is no engine or box production. Nobody needs a car like that.

Other option — developing a car from scratch. But theoretically, only AVTOVAZ and NAMI can do this. A very long story that will last less than a year or two. And both companies are now head over heels in trouble with their problems. This is therefore not a fitting option.

There is easier option – you can find a Chinese car, nameless or little known, and agree to make a simple model with the Moskvich logo from Chinese car kits. This is a more viable option.

However, the Moscow government is waiting for a novelty by the end of this year. But in such a short time no other car, not even a Chinese one, can fit on the assembly line.

And then it stays one single option – let’s say this is a Renault Arkana car, on which the Moskvich logo hangs. Because this is where Arcana was produced and everything is ready for that. But I don’t think Renault will agree to this, and even if they do, there will be no body panels. They were produced by Alpha Automotive Technologies, which also left Russia. Let’s say you can pick up the stamps and do it yourself. But you still have to set up production, it’s not going that fast.

In our difficult time, all metamorphoses are possible, and maybe there is a fifth option, which I have no idea about yet. Therefore, I would like to hear from the city authorities how to decode the idea of ​​​​the revival of “Moskvich”. After all, a car brand is not just a car with a logo. This is an idea, an ideology around which everything is built: customer behavior, a promising model range, pricing policy, the formation of a dealer network, an advertising campaign, etc. But apart from the idea of ​​”let’s revive” , I don’t see any of this yet .

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Source: Z R


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