What kind of Muscovites will be assembled at the Renault plant in Russia?

On May 16, 2022, it was announced that the Renault Group Board of Directors has approved the signing of agreements on the sale of 67.69% of AVTOVAZ shares and 100% of Renault Russia shares in favor of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation FSUE NAMI. Shortly after, details appeared about the Moscow plant of Renault Russia, formerly Avtoframos, and before that AO Moskvich and AZLK.

Moscow Mayor Sobyanin said the factory was being transferred to the rest of the city and production of passenger cars under the Moskvich brand had resumed there. He clarified that in the first phase these will be “classic cars with combustion engines”, electric vehicles will be added in the future, and KAMAZ is a technology partner.

What could these cars be?

Classic with combustion engine

So far there is only one specific version: after the production of Renault Duster, Arkana and Kaptur stopped at the end of April, Denis Manturov, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, admitted that Lada cars on the conveyor belt of the factory in Moscow. Since then, no new data has appeared, “Behind the wheel” sent a request to the AVTOVAZ press service.

Not Renault?

On the day of the deal announcement, Russian Automobile reported, citing its own sources, that the right to buy back within 6 years, which the Renault Group has under the terms of the deal, does not apply to the Renault factory in Russia, the French manufacturer “just got rid of it” “. If the information is confirmed, it means in particular the impossibility of resuming the assembly of Renault cars at the factory.

But at the AVTOVAZ plant in Togliatti, Renault cars will be produced – but under the Lada brand! Denis Pak, director of the automotive industry and the railway technology department of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, announced this in the broadcast of TV channel Rossiya 24. AVTOVAZ has reached an agreement with the French group about the production of the Renault Duster. crossover under the Lada brand.

But back to the (former) Renault Russia factory in Moscow.


There are two points in Mayor Sobyanin’s statement that indicate quite substantively which cars are allowed to appear on the assembly line of the Moscow factory. Firstly, these are words about electric vehicles and secondly, KAMAZ is referred to as technology partner. Recall that KAMAZ has JSC Kama, who develop the KAMA electric vehicle.

In January 2022, the place for their assembly had not yet been determined, and in early February information appeared that some of the machines would be made in the Russian Federation, and some in Hungary, but now these plans can hardly be considered really.

Officially, technical details about new cars under the Moskvich brand, which will be put into production at a Moscow plant, have not yet been disclosed.

  • Until recently, the Renault Russia plant produced the Renault Kaptur, Arkana and Duster crossovers, and at the end of April 2022 it was announced that its production would be discontinued.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

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