Moskvich cars at the Renault factory: expert opinion

The Moscow government plans to revive the work of the Moscow automobile factory. He is known for producing the legendary Moskvich cars and until recently he produced cars under the Renault brand. The foreign owner decided to close the factory. This was announced in his blog by the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.

The foreign owner decided to close the Renault plant in Moscow. This is his right, but we cannot allow thousands of workers to be out of work. Therefore, I have decided to transfer the factory to the balance sheet of the city and resume production of passenger cars under the historic Moskvich brand,” said Sergei Sobyanin.

The factory is located in Moscow, ahead of Volgogradsky. The main technological partner for the resumption of production is KAMAZ. The plans of the government of Moscow and KAMAZ are to revive the Moskvich brand and resume production of modern Russian passenger cars, in the future electric cars, based on an existing factory.

Muscovites know the car factory from a long and long history – it was built in 1929-30, started producing Ford cars, then produced other makes and models. After decades, the legendary domestic Moskvich was assembled here. The factory has been working with Renault since 1998, and the Renault Logan, Duster and Sandero cars have been rolling off the assembly line for two decades.

Now the government of Moscow, together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, is working to ensure that most components and parts are produced in Russia, and problems with locating the missing components in the Russian Federation are solved. solved together. The Moscow government and KAMAZ will allocate investments to modernize production and locate the necessary components. The revival of the work of the Moscow Automobile Plant “Moskvich” will continue to produce high-quality domestic cars.

Transport experts supported the transfer of the factory to the city and the revival of the Moskvich brand.

It is important that such a large car factory was transferred and preserved precisely from a transportation point of view, and not transferred to developers. The transfer of the plant to the Moscow government will allow to maintain a large car production cluster in the city. Technological solutions will certainly require additional investment from the city, but this project is important for the city,” said Norayr Bludyan, Executive Director of TAMA, Head of MADI’s Automotive Transportation Department.

Alexander Shumsky, head of the project: “The return of the Moskvich brand is a great event. These cars are a real heritage of the city. Legendary cars were adored by hundreds of thousands of citizens, they were known all over the world. The Moscow government is taking a huge step in preserving the historical heritage of the capital and the country as a whole. The preservation of a well-known car brand and the further development of the car industry is an important step in the history of the city.”

  • Recall that Renault Russia recently produced crossovers Renault Kaptur, Arkana and Duster, but their production was stopped at the end of April.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

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