On a long trip – when is the best time to leave? Poll “Driving”

Last week we asked: what time of day do you prefer to go on a long trip? The majority (74%) prefer to do it in the early morning, “at night” – 13% of respondents answered in this way, if there are no traffic jams – 5%, in the afternoon – 4% and 4% do not attach importance to this at all.

The survey was conducted on Za Rulem’s website from May 12 to May 16, 2022.

Expert opinion

Ilya Pimenoveditor of the site “Behind the wheel”:

On a long trip - when is the best time to leave?  poll

– In response to our question, when do you prefer to go on a long journey, the vast majority answered that early in the morning. And this is the right decision, dictated by life experience.

Drive calmly through the city while he is still asleep, get out by “counterpassing” (when traffic jams of those going to work start to gather towards you), get ahead of fellow travelers. If there is a traffic jam somewhere, it certainly won’t be as big as during the day or in the evening… To conquer most of the journey around the world, and not at night, strain your eyes. Do not bathe (driving in the heat is difficult not only for people, but also for cars).

The logical answer and “if there are no traffic jams”. It’s probably early in the morning too. So these two answers can be summarized.

There is one “but”: for such a trip, you definitely need to sleep well, especially if you are not in the habit of getting up early. Otherwise you will quickly lose strength and coffee or energy will not help you. And don’t plan a particularly long distance – otherwise the fatigue will be double the next day. Normal – 800 km, 1000 – already too much.

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