Ministry of the Interior made a social portrait of a drunk driver

In 9 out of 10 accidents involving drivers with signs of intoxication, men drove, according to the data from the information and analytical assessment of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is available to TASS.

In more than a third of these accidents, the age of the drivers was 30-39 year. The participants in last year’s drunken crashes were most often men with secondary or secondary specialized training, who had previously been held administratively responsible for violating traffic rules (40%).

People with a diploma in 2021 did not have a single traffic accident under the influence of alcohol.

In 43.8% of the cases, driving with signs of intoxication involved people who had previously been prosecuted.

Almost half of the drivers who have had an accident while drunk do not officially work anywhere, 21% are employees in trade and services. 83% of such accidents were committed by passenger cars, 13% by motor vehicles, 4% by other vehicle categories.

In crashes involving drivers with signs of intoxication, most (11,616) were intoxicated, 1,199 were intoxicated and a further 2,952 refused to be examined. In 2021, a total of every eighth traffic accident (11.8%, or 15,719) involved drivers intoxicated or showing signs (11.8%, or 15,719), killed 3,866 people and injured 20,796 people. these accidents. Of these, 3,445 died in accidents involving drunk drivers.

Source: Z R


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