The future of the Renault plant in Moscow is decided (you won’t believe it)

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the prospects for the Renault plant in Moscow on his official website. As you know, in the morning of May 16, the Renault Group announced the sale of a subsidiary of Renault Russia (as well as a majority stake in AVTOVAZ), the new owner is FSUE NAMI. Shortly after, the head of the Russian capital announced that most of the staff of the Renault plant in Moscow and its subcontractors would be retained, and there was a strategy for the company’s product line.

The foreign owner decided to close the Renault Moscow plant. This is his right, but we cannot allow thousands of workers to be out of work. That is why I decided to move the factory to the center of the city and resume production of cars under the historic Moskvich brand,” said Sobyanin.

He added that KAMAZ would become the new technology partner of the revived Moscow automobile factory Moskvich. In the first phase, the production of classic cars with combustion engines will be organized, and in the future, electric cars will be added to the production plan. According to the mayor, the Moscow government, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and KAMAZ are now working to localize the production of the maximum number of auto parts.

More than 100 years ago, the company in question was founded as the Moscow Automobile Assembly Plant, named after KIM, and this plant began producing Ford cars. Then for decades it was called first MZMA, then AZLK and produced the legendary Muscovites.

Production declined in the 1990s and since 1998 the factory started collaborating with Renault under the name Avtoframos. In recent years it was called Renault Russia, its products were 70% localized (Wikipedia data for 2019). The latest mastered models are Renault Kaptur, Arkana crossovers and the new Duster.

  • The cessation of their production was announced at the end of April 2022.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

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