Lada Vesta used and new – what’s the difference?

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– If you compare the new and the six-year-old Vesta, you notice that you immediately felt an “increase in the class”. Can you be more specific?

– Mileage Vesta has lost its former suspension elasticity. This became noticeable even before the 100 thousand km. So far, only the stabilizer bars have been changed and there are no obvious shortcomings (leaks, bumps and clearances) in other elements. But there is a huge difference with Vesta with minimal mileage.

In addition, “crickets” appeared in the cabin, also long for 100 thousand km. These two factors give the impression of a fairly “tired” car, although everything is fine in it.

Vesta turned out to be a very successful model worldwide. She has no serious design flaws or a plethora of teething problems. And in terms of suspension characteristics, this is arguably the best car in the segment. It successfully combines energy intensity (even on low-profile 17-inch tires), reliability (the editorial car for 120 thousand km did not require an investment in the chassis) and handling (Polo and Rapid steer more precisely, but they are noticeably stiffer) . Therefore, Vesta has only had minor suspension improvements, but the main features have not changed.

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  • Find out what source Lada Vesta actually has, find out here.
  • A wide range of spare parts and consumables are produced under the Za Rulem trademark. Full range and list of sellers – at the link.
  • The aluminum threshold platforms from the Turkish company Can Otomotiv will help to spare the thresholds and give the car an individuality.
  • “Driving” can also be read on Viber.

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