What happens if the driver of a heavy truck is incompetent?

The author of the story says he slowed down when entering the city when he saw a speed limit sign. In the distance, he saw a heavy truck pull from the parking lot (where truck drivers park at night) onto the road.

A small pickup truck passed him and a heavy truck drove in his direction, but he managed to dodge. He then ran into a small white car (this is where the footage starts) and, as you can see, crashed into it.

Then something strange happens: the driver seems to be looking for a victim among the cars. The video’s author, noting this, slowed down, but it seems the heavy truck chose him as his future target.

Then a pickup truck left the gas station and then the trailer drove up to him, and the author of the video had to turn the wheel to avoid getting hit.

As he writes, many people gathered, including the victims, everyone wondered why the driver of the trailer was behaving so strangely. The man locked himself in his truck and closed the curtains. The video’s author managed to block the truck’s brakes until the police arrived. As a result, the police received this video as evidence. The driver has been taken to jail for criminal charges, the officer said.

In the comments, they joke that the autopilot truck could have behaved like this and that “zombies are coming and the apocalypse has already begun” and that it seems the driver of the heavy truck went crazy “at the sight of his diesel bill”. Everyone commends the author of the video for his ingenuity, if he hadn’t disconnected the air hoses in the truck in time, who knows how this could have all ended.

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Source: Z R


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