A daring experiment of the USSR: compact, cheap, with an automatic transmission…

The experimental plant in Riga, which was intended to produce cheap compact cars, was established after the Great Patriotic War on the initiative of Vsevolod Bakhchivandzhi, the brother of a famous test pilot.

There the REAF-50 was born in 1950 with an automatic hydromechanical transmission and a 32 hp two-cylinder in the back.

During the tests in Moscow, a craft car with an unusual appearance received a lot of criticism: poor dynamics, high fuel consumption, constant overheating of the engine, weak transmission …

In the fall of 1950, under the direction of engineer and inventor Vsevolod Bakhchivandzhi, who enlisted the support of Stalin himself, two terrifying REAF-50 cars were built in Latvia. They turned out not to be viable, but the body of one miraculously survived and is on display in Riga Motorcycle Museum

As a result, the adventure was buried.

Mikhail Kolodochkin has been collecting unusual facts from the history of technology for many years. For example, did you know what the “legs” on the headlights of the Zhiguli of the fifth and seventh model were for?

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