This robot does airbrushing in minutes

ABB showed the Paintbot robot, which is so accurate it can paint a car perfectly in just 30 minutes.

Of course, the robot does not invent the drawing itself – it only applies what the person has made. The video shows two photos. The first is by Dubai-based digital design art collective Illusorr, and the second is by Advait Kolarkar, an eight-year-old Indian abstract artist.

Kolarcar, he says, created a pattern that looks like pegasus zebras playing in a dream world, so he named it Zebra Dreamland. Illusorr’s drawing is inspired by the movement of air over the surface of the car.

This robot does airbrushing in minutes

Paintbot painted the cars in less than 30 minutes each. The robot is equipped with 1000 nozzles that can apply paint at such a short distance that there is no overspray. This saves both paint and time.

This robot does airbrushing in minutes

“PixelPaint technology from ABB is more than evolution. This is a revolution, says the president of the company’s robotics and discrete automation division. ABB Sami Atiya. “This is a great example of how robot automation and our RobotStudio software can not only make production more economical, but also recreate works of art.”

Photo, video: ABB

Source: Z R


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