Haval Jolion fell sharply in price

Literally at the beginning of May, the most popular Chinese crossover in Russia topped another list – it was recognized as the fastest-growing car among Chinese brands, because in four months of 2022, prices for these cars rose by 71% or 1 million rubles . But literally a week later, a very rare event for the present time occurred – the model, according to Tsena.Avto, fell in price by 220,000 rubles.

In addition, in the first approach, the price reduction is not associated with any simplification of configurations or performance degradation. As before, the model will be offered in seven trim levels (trimming levels – Comfort, Elite, Premium) with two 1.5-litre petrol engines to choose from (143 or 150 hp), a few transmission options (mechanics or robot) and a choice between front and four-wheel drive.

According to the source, Haval Jolion’s recommended reserve price is now 2,179,000 rubles, 9.2% less than in April. The maximum cost of the model is 2,669,000 rubles, 7.6% lower than the April price.

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Source: Z R


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