Fewer cameras and more fines

In 2021, the number of cameras on the roads will have decreased, reports the Scientific Center for Road Safety (NTS BDD) of the Ministry of the Interior. It was 300 fewer – only mobile complexes were decommissioned (3.2 thousand remain). The number of stationary complexes has not changed – 17.2 thousand units.

In total, drivers today are checked by 20.4 thousand complexes for the purpose of solving violations. But the Ministry of Transport plans to start using new cameras in 2022 and their number will increase by 5,000 by 2030.

But there were no fewer fines. Vice versa. In 2021, according to Kommersant, cameras recorded 160.8 million traffic violations, replenishing the treasury by 104 billion rubles. By comparison, in 2020, cameras recorded 145 million violations worth 95 billion rubles.

Experts note that the appearance of new cameras on the roads in the near future could be prevented by a shortage of electronic components due to power cuts.

Source: Z R


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