With Efremov 756 thousand needed for the accident

At the time of the high-profile accident that took place on Moscow’s Smolenskaya Square at the hands of Mikhail Efremov, the actor’s civil liability was insured by Alfa Insurance. Recall that as a result of an accident, the driver of the company “Delikateska” Sergey Zakharov died, and the car in which he traveled was destroyed.

As a result, Sergey’s family under OSAGO received a payment of 356,200 rubles, another 400 thousand rubles received “Delikateska” for a broken car. Since Mikhail Efremov is to blame for the accident, the insurance company, as he writes Telegram-channel mash potatodecided to recover from him the amounts paid to the parties concerned.

Today, the actor serves time in a colony and works there as a seamstress (puts locks in zippers). His monthly salary is 5000 rubles. Even if he gives everything to insurers, it will take more than 12.5 years to pay off the debt. But he is 7.5 years old.

Source: Z R


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